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  1. Hi Evernote guys, I have been a happy Evernote user for just under 10 years and things normally work just fine. Most of that time, I have had a 'free' account except for 3 years on a student account, then I paid for a year, which took me up to September this year. The problem is that since I moved back to the 'free' account, my 60Mb monthly allowance is used up instantly the new month starts. It is re-uploading content that I already have in Evernote. I don't know why it is re-uploading content that is already in Evernote and I don't know how to stop it doing this. There seems to be a 'cache' so each month it goes back and uploads another 60Mb of stuff I don't need. Is there any way I can stop it trying to upload this backlog of material and just let me have a fresh 60Mb each month as I should have. I mainly store text and links, normally either from the clipper or by direct text entry. I really don't want to pay, as I only use Evernote for personal material these days, due to my university going over to OneNote for all work stuff. Any thoughts would be appreciated Thanks Evernote guys. Generally loved your product for years now. BW eib
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