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  1. I have completed a first version of my tool to publish a website on Github Pages from an Evernote notebook. It uses both the Evernote and Github APIs to read notes, convert them into a Jekyll-powered, static site and write them to a Git repository on Github. Hosting is free on Github's infrastructure. The generated files are just that, files in a Git repository, so that you can basically host them where ever you like. Github Pages is just one convenient way to do this. Github also supports using a custom domain name, which my tool also supports. The tool is open source and can be used both hosted at https://everid.net or installed on your own machine from its repo at https://github.com/oschettler/everid . It uses OAuth with both Evernote and Github so there is no need to enter your credentials for either service into it. The one thing that is missing is Evernote Support to change my Webhook URL so that the tool gets notified for changes. It's been a few days now since my request so maybe some kind soul from Everrnote listening here can check the status of my request? On my staging/sandbox installation, this already works nicely. However, until this change has happened, publishing can be done manually. As stated above: This is only the very first release. I very much look forward to feedback and potential use cases. -- Olav
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