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  1. mcheng thanks for the thorough reply. I appreciate that. points 2,3,4 are solved. still having trouble editing. when I tap on the email address, I get a dialog box to send an email there or cancel. when I tap on the address field, it asks me if I want to map that. could you help me? thanks
  2. (iOS7, EN 7.2.x) When creating a new note in iOS, I want to enter the title first. Often, my notes are title-only; even if they aren't, it just makes sense to entitle a note before writing it out. EN's suggested titles are novel, but rarely useful. It's an extra (and not entirely pleasant) step to tap on the narrow Title area to begin entry. Let me enter the title in a nice, big space with big letters (imagine trying to get a simple note entered quickly in a crowded, bustling environment). thanks.
  3. The business card scanner is a useful new feature. I can see using this regularly. Here are some suggestions to make it better: make the scan results editable. my first scan contained a mistake (a "-" in the email address wasn't picked up, even on a second try). I couldn't edit the result--it only functions as a link.format phone numbers. I realize this creates localization difficulty, but turning 2125551212 into (212) 555 1212 would be easier on the eyes.make addresses multi-field. It's more important to me to make sure the address is accurate than to map it by clicking on it. I'd prefer to see separate fields for street address, city, state, etc (also creates localization difficulty, I realize)create an attached vcard. would be great to be able to add the resulting contact directly into Contacts but keep the scan of the card in EN.make the image capture type option "sticky": the "scan another card" option is nice, but more likely, I'll want to make sure the card I just scanned is correct, then I'll want to scan another by creating another note. I don't want to have to choose post it/photo/biz card etc. again. make LinkedIn integration optional. LinkedIn integration is a nice idea, but I'm not likely to use it regularly. The utility of the scan function is to keep a scan of a business card in Evernote and at the same time import the contact data into Contacts. Make the LinkedIn prompts optional.- Andy
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