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  1. Moving to Notability over the weekend, I think. Having it for a long time now without such a crazy update routine. Has always done what it is made for, taking notes. Easy and with no pain. There is a Mac Version I' ll try and hopefully I can establish a good workflow again. In a Business Environment you need reliable tools. Penultimate is far from being reliable and Evernote as a company mybe too. Also thinking about moving away from Evernote Premium back to my Mac. No one knows what they are doing next :-( Some time ago Phil Libin wrote an open letter to the customers because of the huge problems with Evernote and the concentration on stability and reliability... Nothing seems to be left from this statement. So sad! Here's the link http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/01/04/on-software-quality/
  2. +1 Actually considering to move everything from Evernote Premium back to my Mac. No one knows the next weird action of the Evernote Team. Sorry but that bad move killed my business workflow. Reverted back to pen and real Paper for the Moment :-( Please give back the old Version, fix the new one and come back with it in one year or two, three...
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