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  1. I do not seem to find the way to make each line fit on screen. I am using Helvetica font size 16.Is there a tutorial for this or any of you in the community have the solution to my issue? Thanks
  2. In response to Wordsgood now: I have two notebooks: alterego45 and zerozero00 .. 100 notes on one account and 200 notes on the other one. Also each notebook belongs to a different EN account Thank you
  3. to BurgersNFries, Thank you for your fast response. I have Windows 7 Home 64-bit. I have 2 notebooks with 100 and 200 hundred notes on each one of them. I want to have the 300 notes on one of the 2 notebooks. What are the steps to accomplish that? Also, would that merge count against my 60Mb/month allocation in my free account? In which case, to which account? the one that receives the import? Thank you again Note: I have a difficulty differentiating notebooks and accounts, so please let me know how to do both i.e. 1. transfer the notes from one notebook to another 2. move the notes from one EN account to another EN account
  4. Could anyone teach me how to get the result i am looking for on a step by step point form? Thank you
  5. Great contribution GrumpyMonkey, very didactic and educational. Thank you. Regarding your opinion that having control on more than one Evernote free account "is a little dishonest" I strongly disagree with you.
  6. when I export the contents of one free account onto another free account in order to consolidate, does it lower the monthly limit in any of the 2 free accounts (as in lowering the remaining free space on the 60 Mb limit by the same amount of data transfered)?
  7. Where is the main tutorial that covers the answers to a. to e. below? a. How can I customize the width of each area of the 3 main columns in the notes creating and managing? b. How can I see all the links across each note including the one at the right on versions 4 xxx? c. Where is the usage link in all versions of Evernote 5? d. Is the 60 Mb per month limit applicable to each notebook under same account or the full account? e. how can i customize the width of each area of the 3 main columns in the notes creating and managing? I would appreciate knowledgeable replies. Thank you kindly
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