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  1. Oh okay. Wow they completely hosed explaining that. It does work as advertised though now that I know what the update is referring to.
  2. So that's probably why they claim to be super busy when I sent an email to Customer Support about the Notebook Picker and yet replied in record time to an email about something else. The Android app even shows the Notebook Picker in the update blog you can access directly on the app.
  3. The product update page on Evernote shows a Notebook Picker feature on the android app (which it implies is an existing feature that has been updated). I have pressed every button I can on the android app and can't find anything remotely resembling a Notebook Picker. How do I get it to show? I'm a Premium member so even if it is restricted to paying members I should be able to see it.
  4. That swipe from the right is technically true but a bit deceiving. It only works on an open a note or when the list notebooks is showing. If I am just looking at the long list of all my notes swiping from the right will only move the scroll bar up and down.
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