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  1. Thanks for all the opinions and informative replies. I just want to point out a lot of people are thinking Evernote as it is vs OneNote as it is, and then it becomes a comparison of compromises. Do I need cross-platerform? Do I need integration with my Office products? etc etc. In this view, yeah then it's best tool for the job I guess. But what I'm saying is why can't we look at things in terms of potential features and then I'm wondering why EverNote lacks them. Evernote went BETA 2008, that was more than 5 years ago. As a new kid on the block, I can see them saying "let's go cross-platform", people need that. We can be simple and that will be good enough because it will be easy to use. There's no point waiting to launch the product when people can use it RIGHT now. But after you enter the market you gotta continuously evolve. In the 5+ years since they released, I don't see why they can't have added the powerful features of OneNote. Yes, some people don't like them, but that could be as simple as adding a toggle on the menu-bar saying <Rich Text> or something to that effect that will give people the option. You can always choose not to take advantage of features in a program, but as a user you can't ADD them. Right now, EverNote is missing a lot of OneNote features. OneNote is missing the cross-platform component. For OneNote, AFAIK they are invested in Windows so they didn't want to go cross-platform, but if they did they could do it like almost tomorrow; it wouldn't take them 5 years. I understand EverNote probably has less resources, but I'm not sure why they don't add the BEST of OneNote in 5+ years. Anyways, IMO if MS even cared about this market segment and decided to go cross-platform they would destroy EverNote and most people would jump-ship, and those who didn't would eventually jump ship also because of the pressure of everyone else jumping ship and features that would spawn from a high market adoption. EverNote could easily just avoid this doomsday by getting better. So I'm not sure what their programmers are up to.... ?
  2. There's an elephant in the room and I'm going to describe it. I've been using Evernote religiously for about 3 years and do all my notes, reminders, todo's etc with it. The main reason I'm so into it is because I switch devices and platforms ALOT. But you know what? Honestly, I feel like Evernote SUCKS compared to OneNote in terms of actual usability. I used OneNote a long time ago. I don't remember what version it was maybe 2003 or 2007... all I remember is that it was the BEES KNEES! I could add anything to anywhere. I could click on a point and just start typing, I could do all these different fonts quickly, I could make all types of lists. I could shove in media, and link things to other things. I could make any note look just how I wanted. When I switched to EverNote, everything was a struggle. I couldn't put stuff where I wanted. Tables and lists, were a struggle and felt so limited. Taking notes in University was HARD. When the instructor would diagram stuff it was a computer science challenge to get it to look similar in my EverNote note. So before everyone comes to the EverNote defence here. I'm not saying EverNote is no good as a product. I can get a lot done. And I understand a lot of people have specific uses and don't need a lot of features that OneNote would beat EverNote at. BUT, I feel like EverNote has known about OneNote for such a long time, EverNote has been almost king of the hill for such a long time. Why can't you just duplicate the best of OneNote so we can do all the same things? Please. Why do people even have to make the EverNote vs. OneNote comparison anymore? Just jack their best features and blow them out of the water...
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