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  1. I am afraid, somebody is adamant about this. Any (work)chat is a loved/hated feature. Some will seek it, some will avoid it like the plague. So what! The key message that comes through these posts is: SEPARATE THE SHARING FEATURE FROM CHAT ! Got it? A note on the chat feature: I can follow the thought as this is an attempt to lure non-users into establishing an Evernote account. Whether or not this can work is beside the point. However, for existing users (and PREMIUM users for that matter) contributing to shared notes or notebooks serves a "chatting desire" quite well, unless one cannot live without a live chat. But why on earth you are trying to annoy US PREMIUM USERS and make our lives more difficult by amalgamating sharing and chat? I cannot follow... With the capacity and ease of use Evernote for Mac (prior to 6.0.5) one could live with Evernote happily ever after. Absolutely no reason to seek anything else. If things are going to move towards making our lives more complicated and not easier, one may just as well look out there, what are the alternatives. Have a good day ! BTW The chat and sharing are still separated in the mobile iOS8 app. I hope every day no-one will come up with the splendid idea to merge them there too.
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