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  1. Hi Damian, Thanks for the response (typical of the great support I have always received from Evernote), that did the trick! I had re-installed the apps on both devices already, but I must have done it in a different order this time around. Thanks again and keep the innovation coming! Tony
  2. Have been using Evernote on Galaxy Gear (nice app), but recently ran into the following error on the Galaxy Gear when I start the app ""You are note logged to Evernote on you phone." By way of background, it worked fine when I first installed Evernote on an S3 with 4.3 and on the Galaxy Gear watch. Today I moved to an S4 with 4.3 and reinstalled Evernote on the device and watch. Evernote is logged in on the S4 and I can sync to validate the connection, but I continue to receive the error on the watch.
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