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  1. Wow! I came to this thread for the same reasons as the OP. Just had to chime in, thanks for the helpful information Vance. confused, "the only solution ultimately offered was a third party app like cloudHQ. I don't want yet another program, I think Evernote should offer this option and don't understand why it doesn't" I think the answer to this is simply, why would Evernote provide an easy way for someone to use another service? Which may be why BurgersNFries seems to have ignored the OP by providing a half-measure solution. Yes BurgersNFries' solution would work, but very clearly not what the OP was looking for. My clear impression reading through all of the posts was that BurgerNFries did not want to provide an easy solution to allow someone using another service. Sad really. They should have just said "Evernote does not have the ability to do what you are asking as you would like it to, however, there may be third party methods available elsewhere, but that is not my expertise. My expertise is keeping things in Evernote." Live and learn.
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