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  1. Hi, an error seems to be back (ref. topic 105641). When I copy text from Evernote to another application, a linefeed is added (on Mac hex 0A). Using Evernote 7.8 (457454 App Store).
  2. Extremely annoying, using Versie 6.11 (454876 App Store) as well. Please repair this.
  3. Hi, Since a couple of weeks the autosave option in Evernote Web does not work properly. When typing, every now and then I see the autosave option save the new contents: a checkmark with a circle around it. But sometimes it doesn't work: I get this red message (translated: "The note methods cannot be saved") and the text I last typed, is gone. I have to reopen the note. Mostly it is only a couple of words missing, but this really drives me crazy. My internet connection is stable, no problems with other pages. This happened never before, only the last couple of weeks. Any suggestions? Chris.
  4. @Andrea Kim Brilliant!! Just used it in Firefox
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