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  1. @Lutz...I got the mech pencil now how do I get the clip off of it? Thanks
  2. Morning, Grumpy. Yes, I agree that the stylus is the best of its kind..even with the flaws. Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them. LG
  3. GrumpyMonkey... thanks for the heads up. I will take this under consideration. I find this humorous. We are talking about a pen/stylus... Oh well. Ya learn something new everyday. LG
  4. Okay...who is the forum nanny and why is the word ***** bleeped? BTW, I put a tiny washer in between the coil and battery. The red light came on again and I took the battery out and checked the meter. It is now at about 1.2v so I know I don't a lot of time left. Using the JS 3 hours a day...sometimes less. for ten days isn't bad. There is definitely a connection problem. I would love to from customers who don't have any of these issues.
  5. How would you all describe taking off the cap of the Jot Script.... pulling the coil out a bit and placing the cap back on the JS??? How about--- TAKE THE CAP OFF BY TURNING IT COUNTER CLOCK WISE UNTIL IT POPS OFF... AND THEN... WHEN YOU SEE THE LITTLE SPRING INSIDE THE CAP... PULL IT OUT JUST A BIT. NOW....PLACE THE CAP ON THE JOT SCRIPT AND TURN IT CLOCK WISE. Bottom line, you are unscrewing the cap and tugging the spring and then ***** the cap back on the stylus. And, it works every time!
  6. cwb... I don't understand what you are saying to me.... This is about the Jot Script... Sounds to me like you're having a good time on this blog....)
  7. pcrayn5... You're welcome. Don't forget to tug at the coil attached to the top. Just pull it out a bit and then put it back on the JS. And yes, Noteshelf is lots easier to use than Penultimate... Good luck. Linda
  8. JCubed.... the JS turns off after 3 ms when it's idol. Sounds like a connection issue....as we have all had. I'm my second one and it's a dream...not without fault...but no big deal. Here's something to try. Unscrew the cap an tug the spring... not a lot...but enough so you can see a difference. Now, ***** the top back on and turn it on.... Easiest way to find the switch is to look for the ONE WORK: ADONIT with a triangle in front of it. The other side says Jot Script. Also, make sure that the top is on tight as well as the nib. Pain in the a**... but it works. Let me know. I've been through this since December and now I've got things under control. Also, you must use a Lithium Battery. The Energizer Ultimate is the best. Good luck Linda G.
  9. Jordan, once you send a document to Evernote..how do you edit? Or, after bringing the document up...how do you "write" on it?
  10. Jordan, I already use Noteshelf, GoodNotes and ZoomNotes. I have others but these are my top. They all have wrist guard.
  11. @ScottLougheed.... how do you use Penultimate in landscape mode with the tool bar at the bottom so I don't keep touching the icons..I'm left-handed and this has been causing me problems...and, why I don't use Penultimate as my "go to" writing app.
  12. @GrumpyMonkey.... I also let DanielS know that he is lucky. One week....wow! I am giving Penultimate another try. I just love the way the jot writer writes on the GoodNotes and Noteshelf so much better. You have a tutorial for Penultimate, yes? I think I saw it in the Forum somewhere. L
  13. @almost retired: I use GoodNotes and Noteshelf. I'm really liking Noteshelf more and more.... The ease of creating a notebook and adding pages. GoodNotes is good but I like the shelf experience. Still don't like Penultimate... never worked well for me.
  14. @Alui.... Try the stylus on either GoodNotes or Noteshelf. I do not like Penultimate. Yes, it is clearly for the Jot Writer...but at this point, I don't think the Jot Writer is for Penultimate. My battery lasted all day long yesterday and I was quite surprised. I use to write and as a tool when I play my online games...... Penultimate is have software problems as I mentioned in one of my posts a few days ago. Good luck.
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