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  1. @csihilling Continued from my previous reply to you, here I provide a graphical representation for better understanding, the tag tree that I moved between parent tag shall looks like Frame A is now becomes what it looks like in Frame B.
  2. @gazumped I just checked in Evernote web, the mentioned tag tree problem remains the same in Evernote Web. And as you suggested, I just tweeted Evernote Help account. Thank you for your tips.
  3. A tag tree was under parent tag A, after moved from tag A to tag B, the tag tree is gone, all tag in the tag tree became flat under tag B.
  4. To whom it may concern: As the topic title described, I just had "Tag Tree Fell Down 3 Times During Moving Between Parent Tag", two times happened in the last version, one time happened in the most updated version, I used last version for an unsolved issue mentioned in another thread, I hope this issue fixed as soon as possible, I am in a middle of a re-organization of my 1500 tags. Thank you for your attention. Regards,
  5. 您好,請問一下,「Automatically Select Child Tags」這個功能是何時出現的?我試著搜尋Google和英文討論區,只找到兩個透露出一些「時間上的線索」的討論串(1)(2),請問有那位先進知道的?我之所以發問的背景是因為我有1500個 Tag,並且因為近日發現這個新功能而促使我決定重建新的 Tag 架構…倒推我錯過的前述時間點對我而言頗為重要,預先謝謝分享高見。 (1) 20160504 | How to not select all sub tags beneath a tag? URL (2) 20160821 | Auto-select child tags on, but now how do I search for a word? URL
  6. I know, but I did not see Setting, please refer to the graphic representation below▼.
  7. I find your post for I'm quiet interested in Tag related forum topic. And by curiosity, I tried to found Option/settings in Windows Evernote but I can't, could you please specify what it is? Or perhaps, share a screenshot if you can. Thank you.
  8. Search for Evernote new version release announcement in the forum, I found download link of older version through this.
  9. I had similar problem and had to removed the latest version of Evernote and installed older version so I can continue to work.
  10. I use Easy Copy App of Firefox, then just open the Facebook post, and copy the focused text and it will automatialy copied with an URL, and then I paste it into Evernote, in Evernote it looks like below, and ususally I will use "CRTL+;" for an automatic timestamp. That's it. We are excited to announce the new Evernote Web is now out of beta! Give it a look-see., URL, 2015/8/16 下午 03:34
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