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  1. I tried that, and I waited for minutes for Evernote to run, it did not. Thanks anyway.
  2. Hi there, It happened just now that my Evernote app suddenly failed when I tried to open the app. The Windows(Windows 10) system says "Evenorte app not responsive" or so, I tried to uninstalled Evernote app and reinstalled the fresh downloaded Evernote app(version 6.24.2), the problem remains. And I tried to installed an older version( the problem remains. Please share some guidance for the solution. Thanks. Best wishes, KC P.S.: Please refer to more information about the issue in context to a Twiitter tweet made to #EvernoteHelps online.
  3. Hi there, I found a problem in Evernote, probably the cause of latest update( (306423) Prerelease (CE Build ce-1.36.3494); Windows 8.1), when I clicked on any image in any note, all contents of every note becomes blank, I have to exit the app and restart it and stay away from the action "Clicking any image" to continue to use the Evernote app, please suggest, thanks. Regards, KC
  4. Hello All, I just found the trick to do the titled issue, so I would like to share it here, I tried to change Google Chrome setting to "Request Desktop Site" and then logged in to Evernote web, now I can view the note listing in Android/Google Chrome browser. Following an idea coming from nowhere, I searched and found a webpage talking about this(Android — How Do I View the Desktop Version of Web Pages?) and tried the option 1 in there. Hope this help. Regards, KC aka Ben
  5. On second thought, perhaps they are not able to fix the problem because of unusual electronic issues, if Evernote guys ever come to me and tell me so, I will buy their story and stay put, be patient. However, most of other Evernote users won't accept the scenario I just mentioned like I do.
  6. Note sure about your so-called "native android browser", I clicked the link via Android/Gmail, and it opened a browser not belonging any of my installed browser app, and I can see the public note, hope this help. But to be clear, this thread is about a "Viewing a note listing" in Android browser(An issue not solved yet), not a single note.
  7. For the record, after a long period of time without a new incident of the titled issue, it happened again just now. Except the size of the tree is smaller than previous one, no serous damage made, but this can surly alert me. This record is meant to be an awareness-raising purpose.
  8. The titled issue is getting annoyingly serious in my Windows Evernote during the last few days.
  9. Thanks for your reply. Uh...let me guess, you are probably talking about OneNote, if so, that is not for me, for Onenote does not provide a well-designed tag management system like Evernote, the power of a good tag management system is essential, I do hope other competitors paying more attention to improvement of tag management system though.
  10. Hello, I found this thread when I searched Evernote forum, and it looks to me(a free account user) the problem described in this thread is quite similar to my problem and another user(a paying account user) mentioned in an earlier Twitter thread in March(derivative from another Facebook thread in Chinese language), the problem never really goes away fully, it just gets worse from time to time(like my recent days). The problem does not go away even after a few times of reinstallation of Evernote app and a few times of reset of computer Windows OS. I'm making this post for awareness raising and hoping there is a solution coming up. Kind Regards, Ben
  11. Hello @briancaldwell, thank you for your attention, then I hope "the best way" could be better.
  12. Appreciate it, then I still need to know how things work based on my user environment.
  13. Hello, thanks for your information, does your reply apply to Evernote free account?
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