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  1. Hi there,

    I found a problem in Evernote, probably the cause of latest update( (306423) Prerelease (CE Build ce-1.36.3494); Windows 8.1), when I clicked on any image in any note, all contents of every note becomes blank, I have to exit the app and restart it and stay away from the action "Clicking any image" to continue to use the Evernote app, please suggest, thanks.




  2. Hello All,

    I just found the trick to do the titled issue, so I would like to share it here, I tried to change Google Chrome setting to "Request Desktop Site" and then logged in to Evernote web, now I can view the note listing in Android/Google Chrome browser.  Following an idea coming from nowhere,  I searched and found a webpage talking about this(Android — How Do I View the Desktop Version of Web Pages?) and tried the option 1 in there.  Hope this help.



    KC aka Ben

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  3. On 7/25/2017 at 3:07 PM, seTea said:

    How come this problem is not solved yet?

    On second thought, perhaps they are not able to fix the problem because of unusual electronic issues, if Evernote guys ever come to me and tell me so, I will buy their story and stay put, be patient. However, most of other Evernote users won't accept the scenario I just mentioned like I do. 

  4. 15 hours ago, LL2525 said:

    Thank you @Dave-in-Decatur. Yes, you succeeded viewing my public-shared note on your Opera Mobile browser.

    I still need to know if it can be viewed on a native android browser.

    Note sure about your so-called "native android browser", I clicked the link via Android/Gmail, and it opened a browser not belonging any of my installed browser app, and I can see the public note, hope this help.

    But to be clear, this thread is about a "Viewing a note listing" in Android browser(An issue not solved yet), not a single note.

  5. 17 hours ago, Amarna said:

    ...(don't know if it's kosher here to mention competitors but anyone can guess it's the big kahuna in the industry).



    Thanks for your reply.

    Uh...let me guess, you are probably talking about OneNote, if so, that is not for me, for Onenote does not provide a well-designed tag management system like Evernote, the power of a good tag management system is essential, I do hope other competitors paying more attention to improvement of tag management system though.

  6. On 2016/6/22 at 6:25 PM, Dutchnote said:

    Evernote since version 6 is continuously micro-freezing / lags during regular use. Before version 6 I was always impressed by how buttery smooth Evernote was in use - this is no longer the case. 

    This happens when typing (a note, in search, adding a tag) or scrolling through note / note list, i.e. basically doing anything. I'd say I'm probably a moderate user (~1200 notes, 1.5GB data), using Evernote almost daily.

    Examples (as in, not limited to):

    - When typing a note, Evernote will be unresponsive many times for about a second, during which I cannot see what I am typing, then suddenly the word I was typing appears. This seems to happen every 10th/15th word or so and is annoying and therefor distracting.

    - When adding (typing) a tag to a note, Evernote will hang for about 1-2 seconds during which I cannot see what I am typing, then typed text appears. Causes me to pause also and or make mistakes in tagging

    Steps undertaken:

    - Disable virus scanner: no improvement.

    - [Control] + Help menu -> did all the cleaning steps (from 'Optimize Database' to 'Delete unused linked tags': no improvement.

    - Un- and re-install Evernote: no improvement.

    Briefly compared to Evernote on my laptop (also running Windows 10). Laptop is still on Evernote 5 and still buttery smooth.

    Desktop specs: powerful Windows 10 PC with plenty of resources. No problems with any other slow(er) software as of late.

    I know, I know, 1st world problems. But I'm a paying customer and this isn't working as well as it used to. Any other things that might help?  I noticed some other people complaining about slow Evernote since version 6 also but no working solution yet - seems they borked something in the newest version?


    I found this thread when I searched Evernote forum, and it looks to me(a free account user) the problem described in this thread is quite similar to my problem and another user(a paying account user) mentioned in an earlier Twitter thread in March(derivative from another Facebook thread in Chinese language), the problem never really goes away fully, it just gets worse from time to time(like my recent days).  The problem does not go away even after a few times of reinstallation of Evernote app and a few times of reset of computer Windows OS. I'm making this post for awareness raising and hoping there is a solution coming up.  

    Kind Regards,


  7. 2 hours ago, gazumped said:

    Hi.  The default view of the Android app is 'All Notes',  which is equivalent to the snippet view in the desktop app.  The size of the app on a mobile device depends on how much information is stored in the temporary cache and how many notes are retained for offline access.

    Hello, thanks for your information, does your reply apply to Evernote free account?

  8. Hello:

    Because my experience of using Evernote Android is that the app is too big and too slow and not practical which I also notice some reports from other Evernote users, I managed to read EV note via Android browser while integrate it with my personal GTD app(MLO, MyLifeOrgainzed in this case), it is fine for me to be able to read a note associated with a MLO task item.  However, from time to time, I still need to view the note listing, but I can not figure it out how, so the question as in the thread title becomes important to me, please share some useful information to me, thanks.

  9. On 12/6/2016 at 10:57 AM, Benjamin X Yang said:

    ...it just happens by chance if I can put it in this way.

    Dear all:

    For the record.  I have a new guess about the possible cause of the problem in this thread, the guess reached me while I am, AGAIN, working on the optimization of my personalized Evernote tag management.  I just tried to add/remove/modify a few tag assigned to 100 notes or so, during the operations, Evernote system docked into several few-seconds-long unresponsive status(The problem has been happening since then), my guess is, the incident in the 1st post could occurred when I kept on pushing the Evernote system further by more Add/Remove/Modification operations to tags during the period of few-seconds-long unresponsive status. Then again, it is just my guess.

    Kind Regards,



    The "Automatically Select Child Tags" in "Navigation Options" is checked in the scenario in this thread.

  10. 10 hours ago, csihilling said:

    You are welcome.  Try searching the forum for "not responding", in quotes.  You will get quite a few threads discussing this and some of the things folks have done to address slowness in EN.

    I just checked it after I read your reply, but it seems to me that none of the "not responding" issues posted is alike to mine, the issue I described happens only to the input process in search box of "Tags View"...perhaps I shall consider to start a new thread, I'm trying to keep my online activities economic though...

    9 hours ago, gustavgi said:

    Quickest way to find a tag somewhere in the tag nest is to check "Scroll left panel item into view when the item is selected", which is the third checkbox in Options, under the Navigation tab. You can then do a Ctrl+Q search or a Alt+Shift+T search and you will jump right to that tag with no lag in my experience. But if Ctrl+Q can't find it, it's probably gone.

    Thanks for your reply, I think it is gone.

  11. bigstock-huge-elephant-walk-in-modern-o-

    Credit: A found object through visual discovery in Google Images by kcooper via The Innovatoin Studio

    This is a planning for a happening/happenings which has a potential to develop in the future, or else.

    According to Wikipedia: "A happening is a performance, event, or situation meant to be considered art, usually as performance art...Happenings occur anywhere and are often multi-disciplinary, with a nonlinear narrative and the active participation of the audience. Key elements of happenings are planned but artists sometimes retain room for improvisation. This new media art aspect to happenings eliminates the boundary between the artwork and its viewer."

    I am doing this for an idea just dropped to me from nowhere soon after I made a reply in another Evernote forum thread, I decide to do this for the compelling phenomena compassing around computer glitches among systems including the system of Evernote, so...this is the part of planning, period.


  12. 6 hours ago, csihilling said:

    Another way to do this is to go to Tags View (Ctrl-Shift-T) and type the tag name into the search box.  The tag should appear highlighted in the list and you will be able to see the parent hierarchy of the tag.

    Thanks for reply, I knew that, the reason I skipped this method is that this method is not practical according to my user experience, it should works like what you said, but every time I did that, let's say, if I input a word "Evernote" into search box of Tags View, it shall take approximate one second or less, but it took "11 seconds" for the word "Evernote" input process to be finished, I never actually timed it, I just did because I'm just about to put down in words in this forum.  BTW, I made a search for this "input delay" issue in Evernote forum with chosen keywords ""tags view" slow"(or replaced Slow with Delay or Input), I got zero search result, that is not what I expected, but anyway...just so you know why I skipped the method.  I did not report it because it is not my priority issue of Evernote application activities-I'm having a workaround for the described glitch, and I use it a lot.

  13. 2 minutes ago, drkenyon said:

    It might not be possible to find  the tag by name if it is nested under another tag. You'd have to search for something like "top tag:Important Note of Mine" to find it...and you don't know what the "top tag" is.  Scroll down the left (tags) panel and see if any of your tags have a > (right arrow) next to them. This indicates that there are more tags listed beneath them. If you find one, right click and select "move to top level". Hope this helps

    I have a feeling that your solution might not be suitable for me, my tag system is quiet a huge one-approximate 1,500 tags with many right arrows and many levels, it is not a human task to find a tag among a large tag tree structure as described. But hey, thank you for your information.

  14. 10 hours ago, drkenyon said:

    I discovered the problem with my missing tag. It was hidden, "nested" underneath another tag. You might have to look through a bunch to find it.

    Thanks for your reply, but I'm not following you, isn't a user capable to find any tag through operations like clicking "Crtl+Q" and types the tag name or clicks on the magnifier icon somewhere at the left panel and type the tag name and find it? I tried both, did not find my missing tag. I will keep trying, I hope I am as lucky as you are.

  15. I reckon that computer glitch is more about a philosophical issue than just a technical or technological issue.  Which is why I recently reported a few serious issues① about tag system of Evernote while at the same time I thought I needed to expressed my gratitude to the works of Evernote Corporation.  Just feel like to write it down to somewhere and make some sense out of my recent Evernote forum participation.


  16. 11 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    I haven't experienced issues but I'm able to retrieve the tag hierarchy

    - Applescript on my Mac

    - SQLite access on my Mac

    - screenshots on my Mac

    There was also another discussion about exporting the tag list


    Thanks for your reply, it is a pity that I am using Evernote for Windows OS, looking forward to similar suggestion/idea/tip for Evernote/Windows OS user environment.

  17. I just discovered that 1 tag with similar title like "Important Note of Mine" in thousands of notes of my Evernote is gone, I found this thread by searching, I reported my incident following this thread for the record.  The concept to have a tag as mentioned is to provide myself a quick way to find those notes tagged because I think they are important, now they are all gone, I don't even know when the tag disappeared.

  18. To whom it may concern:

    Following the recent situation① in Evernote tag system management process which I experienced, I recently started to took screenshots of my tag tree structure before I move a tag tree, the reason I did so is that if a tag tree collapse again during moving process, I can have a reference to depend on in order to rebuilt the tag tree.  So, I hereby make the request to Evernote Corporation to provide a similar security measure for users who has the same concern①, it could be an export of the tag structure or something like that. Thank you in advance for your attention.



    ① Tag Tree Fell Down 3 Times During Moving Between Parent Tag

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