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  1. It is integrated. The request is to pool resources and/or market them together, making each more valuable. That way people that are clueless (like you) can comprehend their collective power making both products more profitable.
  2. It is Sunday. I am going to go to church for the first time in my adult life and pray IQTell is bought by Evernote. IQTell is the only productivity/action management app that makes Evernote more valuable. It is not even close. The integration is unmatched. My entire life exists in Evernote & IQTell. Evernote needs IQTell, IQTell needs Evernote. Please, for the love of GTD, please look at how an IQTell Evernote union would be monumental for both parties. I am not affiliated with IQTell (other than an addicted user).
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