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  1. Great news! Looks like this was resolved in the most recent update I'm on version (276665) Public. Can others confirm?
  2. Or you can go back to the old gmail interface to clip it. It's easy enough to have both open. But it would sure be nice to have this feature in Inbox. I've used Inbox for a week now--love it!
  3. Ah, yes, more to the story... If I create new note from scratch, I am having much more success with changing indent levels, including as you mention, highlighting a block and indenting/outdenting as a group. But if I go back and open an older note (not that old, saved a couple of weeks ago), and try the same things, it gets all wonky. That was the test I did for my prior post. So maybe the older saved formatting has issues that affect indenting/outdenting? I have the same experience. Bulleted lists are still fundamentally broken.
  4. Please, please, please. Evernote, take a comprehensive approach to fixing bulleted lists ASAP! This is a big frustration.
  5. I would guess I run into this issue about 20 times per day. My biggest annoyance with Evernote. No, I cannot determine how to indent before I start taking notes.
  6. This is so frustrating! I literally run into the bulleted list issues hundreds of times per day. Mostly it's that the bullets disappear if I reduce the indent and then the levels become mangled if I try to fix it. Even this simple html editor in the forum gets it right: TestTestTestTestPlease make this a priority--we don't need more web clippers or food picture-thingys, we just need the functionality that's already there to work.
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