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  1. I'm having same issue on Mac Version 6.0.16 (451862 App Store) -- just adding my info in case it helps someone debug this. I have a file containing encrypted text that I routinely update from different clients (Mac, Windows, and iOS). Just recently I discovered the text was missing when I decrypted on Mac. Once I calmed down from my initial panic, I accessed the file from iPhone, saw the text was still there, and copied for safekeeping. I'm still on OS X 10.9.5.
  2. +1 This bites me fairly frequently. One reason I chose to use EN is the seamless sync between all my devices... If only it worked better! So many times, I've had to spend a great deal of time comparing a half dozen conflicting modifications in a long document, a task made even more difficult by having those half dozen copies concatenated to the end of the note. I end up having to cut them all up into individual notes and scroll them side by side to see where the conflicts were. Perhaps my own use case is uncommon... I frequently have VERY lengthy notes, and trying to find differences across many conflicting versions, without a side by side view, is impossible. Not only that, but, why the heck can't the software highlight the conflicts?? For that matter, I really don't see a reason for most of the conflicts I've experienced.. Anyway, at the very least, please go back to storing multiple copies of the doc, when conflicts occur, and please provide some kind of notification so that the problem isn't compounded!
  3. +1 for Find/Replace. I'd even be happy if it worked just within the note currently being edited.
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