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  1. OOPS! Apparently, while in the process of setting up the synchronization feature of a program called Nixnote (I couldn't find the Nevernote program), I seem to have inadvertently deleted all of my notes and possibly all of my notebooks. Well, that's a bummer.... considering I had (key word) a few hundred notes spaced between 30 or so notebooks. Live and learn, I guess....
  2. Hello, I apologize, in advance, if this post is considered "rude" or "snotty" - I've been told that I can be too blunt for my own good: I'm experimenting with switching from Windows 8.1 to Ubuntu 13.10 (I'd like to learn how to use Linux and can always revert back to Windows if I need to), from what I understand there are no official plans to develop an Evernote client for Linux - while that's disappointing news, I can still use the Web interface without issue. I also understand that there is an "unofficial" Linux clone of Evernote (written by an Evernote Board Member, if I understood correctly) - with regards to the "unofficial" version, would my Evernote "notebook database" be compatible with it, meaning, could I load the contents of my Evernote "notebook database" into this "unofficial" Linux Evernote clone and have the ability to both read and modify it using the "clone" or, to put it bluntly, is my notebook database stuck within Evernote? If the "clone" isn't able to work with my existing Evernote database, that's not a big deal, I'll just use the Web Interface when I'm using Linux.
  3. Sorry it's taken so long for me to reply back, I've been a little occupied with the CyptoLocker Trojan that's been going around - I own an I.T. Support business. I understand completely about the database corruption possibilty, it's definitely not worth my putting data at risk due to this. The other, more subtle, reason I was asking is because a few of my customers fall in the category of "know just enough to be dangerous" and, if they were to ask me if something like this was possible with Evernote, I could then give them a more detailed answer about it. Thank you all for your assistance with this.
  4. Hello, Can I store my Evernote notebook database in a 3rd party cloud storage ie. my Google Drive account (my Google Drive account is locally accessible via a synced folder on my various computers)? I have the necessary storage space in my Google Drive account - other than possibly making Google mad with what I'm doing, is this possible/allowed by Evernote?
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