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  1. I downloaded and tried the windows client. Still doesn't work. You guys have put a barrier between personal and business. No way to move between the two. When did you put this barrier in place!?? It used to work before....
  2. there is no right click feature in evernote. im on a windows pc and i'm using chrome. i can't right click on the note and move it. it just brings up the chrome browser functions like back, reload, save print. i can't move files from personal to business folders in evernote. no way possible.
  3. I cant move or copy a personal note in a personal folder to a business folder. there is no copy feature or even a move feature to business. you guys must have changed this. i can only move within personal, no longer able to move in between personal and business. also how can i default my login to the business folder? it still seems to default to personal. you guys have made the interface so non intuitive and difficult to use.
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