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  1. I noticed that Evernote's web clipper updated in the last week and since then I've noticed that I'm unable to actually clip anything when I'm using Safari (5.1.10). It sets everything up properly, but when I actually click save, it just hangs and continues to appear as though it's in the process of saving, without actually doing so, even after 10 minutes. I've tried this multiple times on multiple sites after rebooting with no change. I also noticed that whenever I opened a link on Page A and then switched away to another tab (Page before Page A fully loaded that suddenly Page A would becoming the active tab, switching from Page B. I have never experienced this before (in 5 years of use). Once I disabled the Evernote extension, I haven't experienced this change in tab activation, but it reappears whenever I enable the extension. Does anyone have any suggestions? I had a wonderful time using the previous Safari web clipper and while I like the new version alright, these glitches make it unusable and I've already lost a number of things that I wanted saved because I didn't realize it was hanging for the first day or two. Is there an easy & reputable spot to find a copy of the previous extension? Thanks!
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