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  1. Just a bump. I've finally heard from Evernote support and the consultant said the following: Occasionally, two copies of the same note will be found to be in conflict. This could arise when a given note is edited in two different locations before a sync has taken place. In this instance, the note will be placed into a temporary "Conflicting changes" notebook. You can then view both the local version of the note and the conflicting version from the server and manually apply any changes that couldn't be merged automatically. Once you're satisfied that original version has all of the changes, delete the version in the "Conflicting changes" notebook (as well as the notebook itself, if it's empty). However the problem is that a Conflicting Change was not created - the original note was overwritten with an older note. I've been avoiding using Evernote on Android and iPad since this issue.
  2. This just happened to me. I edited and saved a note this morning on the Mac. Then just before I opened Evernote on the iPad and got a message about trying Premium (to which I selected "Not Now") and it dropped me into a week old version of the document but with todays date. I thought something was fishy so opened my Mac version and the old version was there. Lost an important to do list and can't remember all of it
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