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  1. Hi all, I hope this helps someone. I've been dealing with the same problem. Currently using the ASUS infinity TF700. did some research into the Keyboard hot buttons, or the shortcut buttons. when typing in a note you can hold shift and highlight text with your finger. (this only works when "editing" a note, or creating a new note.)For some reason with the blue cursor shows up it won't let you high light. but if you use the Arrow keys, you can shake it off. to copy- Ctrl + C to paste- Ctrl +V I have no answers as to the capitalization of the letters T, S, U, I, B... can't find a way around that one. also... beware capitalizing W... closes everytime. drives me crazy!! This letters will capitalize no problem with caps lock. anway, i realize this is in NO way a very technically explained answer. but, you get what you pay for.
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