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  1. Having to loosen privacy settings to use the Web Clipper is... not cool. Saving cookies should not be necessary to save a ***** web page. It clearly wasn't necessary before, so why is it now?
  2. With the Evernote app on my old Samsung Android tablet I was able to enlarge the text by zooming in, and the text would automatically realign to fit the screen. The app on my newer Fire will zoom in, but won't realign the text, which makes it really frustrating to read. I don't understand this. Are they not both the Android version?
  3. Well now it's updated itself to the current version again but seems to be working. Okay then?
  4. Okay Evernote, if you want me to use Pocket or some other service to save web content from now on, please go on ignoring this problem. I don't care to use products that don't work.
  5. I think I said I did re-install it. And if is not the latest version, I'd love to know how I'm supposed to get it. It's the version Firefox's Add-On store has and Evernote's own link sends me to that.
  6. For a few days I have been completely unable to log into Web Clipper. There's a little red dot on the icon. The first time I tried to log in, I got the sign-in box, but nothing happened. Now when I click on the icon, I get a blank box for a second and it disappears. Every time. I'm logged into both Evernote Web and the desktop application, but the clipper is completely borked. I have re-installed the add-on and updated Firefox. Zilch.
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