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  1. @igerard Thank you for the tip about the SDK on Github! Now I must register my iPad with a developer account to see how it work outside the simulator.
  2. Well, I don't see a lot of optimism here! But everybody is free to love or hate the Script; and there are a lot of stylus to choose from out there. For me, the Script is still very satisfying. In my last video, I try to focus on handwriting, in different apps. Something that might interest you: at 4:00 in the video, I talk about and show the offset some people tried to describe here. As I say, it's not a problem, at least not for handwriting, but I still wanted to be honest and show it in this review because there is defenetly room for improvement here.
  3. Adonit told me they where working on this offset (it can probably be fixed with the SDK). You should know that, if you don't pair the stylus with the iPad, not only does the stylus still work (as long as it is powered on), but most importantly the offset is way smaller. As a mater of fact, that's how I use it, at least for now. Although, I made a video to show the Script in action with my favorite note taking app, GoodNotes. You can watch it here.
  4. I see some folks here wondering about GoodNotes + Jot Script; if you're interested, here is a quick review of how it works. For me, it's in the continuity of my previous stylus, the Jot Script. So far, it's a very positive experience.
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