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  1. The web clipper doesn't seem to be working in Explorer. I have Windows 7 and IE 9. It worked as of a few days ago, but now when I click on the clipper icon, one of a couple of varieties of strange, unusable gray/black/white boxes comes up. There are some familiar words - I see my the name of my most recently used notebook, sort of ghosts of the real thing, but it's mostly gobbledygook. If I go to Evernote web and click the icon, I see the normal web clipper box pop up. But it doesn't work on other URLs. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling evernote and it didn't help. Any advice? Thank you. PS I tried to upload a picture of it, but it said I wasn't "permitted to upload this kind of file." PPS - Edited to add, I added clipper to firefox, and it works, but for a number of reasons I use explorer.
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