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  1. First, Ares, I think you may be on to something. I've been thinking about it the wrong way. I've been thinking that I've got tens of thousands of notes in Evernote. It's usefl, but I don't feel it is really living up to its price anymore. I've been clinging to a hope that it will improve (strung along by announcements like this). Perhaps more significantly, I've dreaded extricating myself from Evernote. I've used it for years. There's so much in Evernote, what will I do. I use it for my debate team, so I have 25 students using it. I'm deeply invested. When I tried OneNote, I couldn't get comfortable because it wasn't Evernote, so I had resigned myself to whatever Evernote does (and doesn't do). But you have provided me with a ray of light. Just start over. Export my notes, dump Evernote, and start over. Of course, it would be painful. But like changing jobs, you just have to move on. Thanks!
  2. Actually I respectfully disagree. Those don't sound like benefits to me. It's not the best analogy, but phone manufacturers sometimes promote the chip's speed or the amount of ram on the device, but fail to deliver the software that makes us of that speed or ram. Maybe you love what Evernote is doing under the hood, but I'm concerned that the car itself doesn't look or feel much different. To put it another way, this announcement doesn't prompt me to fire up Evernote or encourage me to wait in anticipate for the Fall. I'm not going to time the service in the Fall and exclaim, "Wow that new Google Cloud backend sure is wicked fast" or "Whoa, suddenly I feel so much more secure and I like it." Evernote could really learn something from 1password, which does a marvelous job of mixing improvements that users love with architectural changes that somehow users also love. I feel the value in every move they make. I'm not feeling it here.
  3. I'm not thrilled with the switch to Google myself, but I don't really have anything truly sensitive in Evernote. Truly sensitive info doesn't belong in the cloud. What is really irritating me is that NOTHING Evernote has announced since the news of the price increase is an actual user-facing benefit. This is a fantastic cost-cutting move for the company. Great. Pat yourselves on the back. It's gonna be work for you this Fall, but that work make the lives of backend staff easier. Great. Have a cookie. But what are you doing for me, the premium customer, who is going to pay almost twice as much for the same service (starting this month)? Someone in marketing really needs to get a grip on the situation and tell customers what they want to know and need to know. Don't you think you should announce something that customers can actually benefit from or can look forward to? Here's what I wanted to read, but didn't. Evernote celebrates 8th Anniversary with sneak peak of Evernote 8 Today Evernote marked its 8th anniversary by giving customers a sneak peak of the next version of its note-taking software. The company announced 8 new features that customers anticipate in the next update of its platform, including a brand new interface, automatic reference creation, a predicitive note linking,... "We've rethought the entire interface, scouring every pixel and analyzing every interaction, to make Evernote faster, easier and more powerful to use. We are truly taking our platform to the next level. We think that customers are going to be blown away by what they find," says Slick Talker, head of marketing. ... All of these features will be powered by the company's Fall move to Google Cloud Platform. Beginning in October, Evernote will move to the services... "For years, we've been relying on our own servers to do the job, but efforts to maintain and improve the services built on these systems were slow, taking weeks, months or more to implement. By switching to Google Cloud, we can rollout updates, upgrades, and new features in a matter of days, all while maintaining the security that our customers love. We couldn't introduce Evernote 8 without it," says Some Guy, VP of Core Services. What I got is: Evernote is thrilled to move its infrastructure to new servers at Google. This will help them save a ton of support costs. I know that Evernote is a business that provides a service, but it didn't always feel that way. It felt like a service that customers would be happy to support. By putting yourselves first in all of your messaging, you are breaking a core part of the customer relationship (make the customer happy). Whether Evernote HQ sees it this way or not, it feels like you are making yourselves happy, making $(higher fees) and saving $(switch to Google) at your customer's expense. Just ask yourself this simple question. What have you announced or done in the last 6 months to truly excite and make your customers happy? (If you think these announcements are it, then you are clearly missing something.)
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