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  1. I never ended up getting a response from my ticket, but I think I may have fixed it on my machine. I reinstalled an older version of Evernote, which still had the same error but much less frequently. Through lots of trial and error (and crashes) I managed to narrow it down to the crashes being most frequent on a single note. It would crash consistantly whenever I tried to sync the note, or occasionally when I tried to open it. In version 5.0.3 it crashed on load because that was the note I was trying to load on startup. I ended up fixing the problem by using the older version to divide the note into three smaller notes each with 1/3 of the content and then deleted the old note (using right click->delete rather than selecting the note). This seems to have fixed the problem though I haven't tried to combine the smaller notes back into a large one. Since the crashes were really frequent this took a lot of trial and error and I still had to fix the problem a second time on my other machine which was still trying to read the old note (since it would crash if it tried to sync). For that one I had to select another note, then sync (which caused a crash) and then restart it which somehow preserved the old sync and had the new split notes in it. The note that was causing the problem used a lot of the checkbox markups and I was adding to it every day for about a year so I would guess maybe it was some kind of combination of those factors which caused the crash. I hope that helps you.
  2. Thanks a lot, I've been looking copies of the older versions!
  3. I checked around the forums and couldn't find anyone talking about this issue so I thought I'd start one to see if anyone else was having a problem with EN for Windows 7. Since I installed it I've been frequently getting a crash bug which causes it to display a window labeled "Fatal Error". Followed by the message: "Evernote.exe v. has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." No other information is presented other than an OK button. (Attatched an image with the window.) It started out fairly mild where I could just restart the program and it would go away for a while until I switched machines to the other Windows machine I run EN on (starting it on a different machine seemed to crash the other). Recently however it's gotten to the point where I can't even start the program without it immediately crashing. I've tried reinstalling several times to no avail and I've submitted a support ticket which I'm currently waiting for a response on. Unfortunately at this point I can't even provide a log of what's going on since it crashes before I can even do anything. I've never had any problems with Evernote before this and it seems to be running fine on my iPad. Has anyone else had this problem or alternately does anyone know where I can download a previous version of EN? I basically can't use the current version at all and I wasn't able to find any links to older, working versions on the website.
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