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  1. Hello, I have been using MS Word Outline view for just about as long as I have been computing. However, knowing that I've been missing out on some time-saving functionality, I recently began researching several of the highly-touted notetaking apps. Based on what I've read in a number of reviews and comparisons, Evernote has thus far seemed to be the clear front runner — and I was even planning to spend a chunk of time this coming weekend diving into the inevitable learning curve that accompanies any new application. However, as of about 30 minutes ago — after reading through several of the posts in this thread — I'm sorry to say that Evernote has not only tumbled from the top of the list but has been unceremoniously booted from even retaining a place in the running. However, before leaving, I felt compelled to leave a post of my own. To say that I am dumbfounded would be an understatement. How can an application which even includes the word "note" in its name, not include a robust outlining ability? That's akin to a car not having a motor or a computer without a CPU! I realize that notes jotted down by many people do not take on the form of an outline. But any well-thought out collection of information — be it a book or a calendar or a computer program or even running errands, putting together a shopping list or just making one's plans for the day — takes on the form of an outline. My sympathies go out to those of you who have already gone through the learning curve — presumably unaware of Evernote's lack of outlining capability or at least assuming that it would be shortly forthcoming — and whose requests have gone unheeded. Now I suppose I must go back to re-investigate the remaining apps on my list to determine which of them does or does not include the one capability I have not felt compelled to closely scrutinize. Still shaking my head.
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