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  1. It's good that I get a reminder every year or two about how slack Evernote is, and how I was right to end my subscription. Honestly, these usability issues should be prioritised because it is crucial to have an app that is consistent with all of the other programs that people are using.
  2. Usability issues such as this are the reason why I cancelled my Evernote Premium membership a long time ago. There are other issues like scrollbars being deliberately thin and ignoring Windows' scrollbar width settings, elements of the page having poor contrast against each other, lack of basic text editing shortcuts, just so many things.
  3. I want Evernote to know that because of its continued poor support of basic formatting and accessibility features in its Windows app, I have removed my credit card details and allowed my Premium subscription to expire without renewal. When Evernote learns to prioritise usability and efficiency, then I will resubscribe.
  4. I'm running (275193) Public and Win7-64 SP1. It's strange, but after shutting down and restarting my computer at the end of the past few days, it now works. I can't think of what other software I could have been runnning at the same time that stopped these shortcuts from working, and indeed, the first thing I did before filing this report was quit every other non-Evernote program to make sure that it was a real bug.
  5. Ctrl+Backspace and Ctrl+Delete are standard shortcuts in all but the crappiest Windows programs. They delete up to a word boundary, and are therefore very handy when you've made a spelling mistake since it's faster for me to delete the previous word and retype it than it is to hit backspace for n letters and start writing halfway through. These shortcuts are not in the desktop client, but they should have been from the beginning. Please add them.
  6. Interesting, interesting. It looks like a Firefox-specific problem. When I drag a JPG from Chrome, it remains a JPG. Dragging the same JPG from Firefox turns it into a BMP. I've edited the OP to reflect this. This probably means that a fix is out of Evernote's scope, so I will just use Chrome for my future drag-dropping.
  7. Yes — I should have written it out fully as web browser, not simply browsing the folders on your computer. Drag an image from your web browser into Evernote. A forum avatar from this page, for example. They are actually .JPG format, but Evernote imports them as .BMP. As a .JPG, your avatar is 2.9 KB. As a BMP, it's almost 14 times larger.
  8. This seems to be a problem related to drag-dropping from Firefox. 1. Open Firefox and find an image. 2. Drag it straight into Evernote. Is this a problem with Evernote or Firefox? Not only would users have less data to sync up and down, but Evernote would pay less for storage and bandwidth. I know that using the Evernote plugin to clip the image does save it in the original format, but clipping takes 2-4 clicks, and drag-dropping onto my second monitor is simple and intuitive.
  9. Support finally got back to me re. my sync errors, after 12 business days. Will update as the ticket progresses. So far I have reported a failure in Evernote syncing when installed in a secondary drive, and confirmed that syncing is still broken when Evernote is installed in the primary drive at the default location.
  10. Also having sync issues (Windows 7 64-bit) on a completely clean install. I uninstalled Evernote using Revo to get rid of all residual folders and registry entries, then installed it on a different drive and allowed Evernote to download all of my notes from the server by itself. I also have the POODLE fix already. Result: 20% of my notes just refuse to sync down from the server. No reason given in the program, of course. And this is a completely clean install, as if I had put it on a new computer straight from the shop. Evernote is great, but there's so much friction involved in using it, man. Sync issues all the time. Earlier this year I reported intermittent CTDs whenever I moved notes between notebooks, and nothing's changed and no one's gotten back to me about it. I made complaints about the touch-unfriendly non-standard UI many months ago (no drag-scrolling in notes, the scrollbars are too damn narrow) and it's actually gotten worse because newer Evernote versions now ignore Windows' scrollbar width as set in the registry. I've got six months of Premium left to observe if anything improves, but I have a feeling that this will be my last six months with Evernote.
  11. I hypothesise that they're under more pressure to deliver semantic search on Macs, which has DEVONthink and its semantic search as a direct competitor to Evernote. There's no such pressure on Windows, sadly, DEVONthink being Mac-only.
  12. Then the next question we need to ask is, "Why not?" That's like Google sorting results alphabetically or by date crawled.
  13. Here's a screenshot showing a good example of Evernote's problem. I search for the phrase fire and rainfall, because I know that the article I am looking for has those exact words in its note title, in that exact order. But Evernote decides that, no, I don't actually want to see a note titled 'fire and rainfall' which contains many instances of 'fire' and 'rainfall' in its body text, so it demotes that to the third search result while promoting two other notes. which only mention 'fire' and 'rainfall' once in the entire note. That I can wrap quotes around my query to search for the exact phrase is irrelevant. The user doesn't always remember the exact phrase they're looking for, but the user certainly expects that notes with the phrase appearing in the title and the keywords appearing multiple times within should be displayed as the best result.
  14. Posting because I love F.lux and recommend it at every opportunity. You can work late into the night without your eyeballs being seared off your face by the monitors. You just need to remember to disable it whenever you're doing anything color-related on your computer, or else you'll naturally pick 'wrong' colors.
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