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  1. It's good that I get a reminder every year or two about how slack Evernote is, and how I was right to end my subscription. Honestly, these usability issues should be prioritised because it is crucial to have an app that is consistent with all of the other programs that people are using.
  2. Usability issues such as this are the reason why I cancelled my Evernote Premium membership a long time ago. There are other issues like scrollbars being deliberately thin and ignoring Windows' scrollbar width settings, elements of the page having poor contrast against each other, lack of basic text editing shortcuts, just so many things.
  3. Posting because I love F.lux and recommend it at every opportunity. You can work late into the night without your eyeballs being seared off your face by the monitors. You just need to remember to disable it whenever you're doing anything color-related on your computer, or else you'll naturally pick 'wrong' colors.
  4. Evernote's desktop app doesn't work very well with touch input. I propose the following changes: Evernote ought to use standard Windows scrollbars so that changes to scrollbar width made in Windows are inherited by Evernote. Failing that, an option to adjust scrollbar width would be nice. The contents of a note should be scrollable using touch input. A full-screen reading mode with touch scrolling would be super awesome.Thank you!
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