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  1. I've been playing around with this some more and the reminders work pretty good. Unfortunately, it's not working at all on my iPhone. Not sure if that's me (new user) or the app? Actually I've been having lots of trouble with the iPhone app. It takes way too long to open up a quick note, I take photo notes and they disappear, etc.
  2. I didn't say it wasn't implemented b/c it's difficult. I said that's not what EN strives to be. It's probably very easy to change the color of the app from green to purple. It's just not something they want to do. It's very odd. The application walks right up to it (by allowing the user to insert checkboxes) but then stops short. Quite disappointing. Not sure. I was also disappointed but then I realized, EN is about unstructured thinking. The line they "walk right up to" is the demarcation between unstructured and structured. It's all rather fascinating to me. I keep getting drawn back because I sense it can work the way I want it to, the way *my* brain works... just haven't figured it out quite yet. I think I've been trying to apply structured thinking to it from systems that actually haven't worked for me all that well, maybe 80% of the way there but not quite. EN is also 80% but in the other direction. Just need to figure out how to bridge that darn gap.
  3. I'm a newbie, only been using it for a month, but know what you mean. You can delete checked items in a note, or do a "select all" and click the checkbox icon to uncheck (if it's a recurring to-do). Or, create a note for every to-do item, and add to reminders. Then you can check off the reminder and it crosses it out, while still saving it. Click on the gear icon to show completed reminders, or not. This works okay but not for recurring reminders.
  4. I have a similar issue, I think. Last night I took a couple of picture notes, but they are nowhere to be found this morning, not on the iPhone or on my MAC, and I have hit sync several times. They are not in the trash either. Another note I took yesterday IS there (it had no photo). It's just the photos that are missing. I may have done something wrong but I have taken photos before and it worked, so I dunno...
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