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  1. Actually they couldn't. Many people have the same problem, and you can see that from this forum. In my case, the service crew asked for my logs and then suggest me update to a beta version of EN Touch. I did it and it worked out, but not last for long. As the EN Touch updated to new versions in the next months and Windows 8.1 released recently , the same problem came up again. Generally, EN Touch the app itself is far from good. I really hope they can improve it quickly.
  2. the crash really bothers me a lot!! can you guys fix it asap? EN Touch has been updated 2 or 3 times since I found the crash problem, but nothing changed for almost a year~ totally disappointed...
  3. I've been bothered by this problem for a really long time. Every time I try to use Evernote Touch on my surface RT, I have to deal with the crash over and over again. The app will start normally, switch to the hub page, and begin to sync. But then, after 5-10 seconds it exit automatically without saving anything. This situation happened a lot, almost everytime since early this year. Can you guys tell me how to fix it? I turned to the service crew but got nothing useful. It happend again....
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