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  1. @BurgerNFries I am an evernote user who wanted to get some information and saw that my question had already been asked here. I immediately understood what Vance was getting at, even if he did not perhaps word his question precisely with the correct technical knowledge to back it up, it was obvious what his problem was. All you did was pick at the fact that file formats weren't changed just because they were in a HTML file which wasn't helpful at all. Vance clearly isn't hugely technical and didn't fully grasp this distinction, what you did was equivalent to if a foreigner approached me in the street, not fluent in english, asking for directions, and rather than telling them, all I did was pick apart their grammar and ignore their actual question despite it being clearly understood. This is some helpful advice, if you really are an Evernote Evangelist then you should want to help people understand the product and get the most of it. But your answers were intentionally pedantic, unhelpful and disingenuous. You can be more helpful in future, not only to the person asking the question, but to people who make their way here from search engines to get quick helpful answers from the evernote forums, by simply answering the question, taking into account how technical the the person asking is, and offering guidance and clarification on things they may have expressed incorrectly in their question. Remember, Evernote is a tool for everyone, technical or not, so in being a helpful member of the forums, you need to accommodate all users, even if they don't necessarily speak the same 'language' as you. This thread could've been 3 posts long, a pleasant, efficient exchange, but it wasn't. It was just awkward and unnecessary.
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