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  1. if i create new doc and encrypt the text . all platform decrypt fine. the problematic docs was created 4 years ago , maybe there are Compatibility issues which make my day hard . i stored my bank account and pass encrypted , when i use iphone ,i can open the docs and decrypt the account text . but now ,i can't decrypt them and evernote is useless in my android phone. fyi: if i re-encrypt the text in the problematic docs, the re-encrypt texts decrypted fine in android phone. but there are too many encrypt texts in the problematic docs .i can't deal with them .
  2. I have the exact issue. i crypt my text is windows. and the text decrypt fine in windows pc and iphone6 and ipad and imac air . but in my new samsung S7edge ,the text can't decrypt. i think there is something wrong with the android app . it's real, i'm thinking switching to some other product now .!!!
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