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  1. I have been working with Evernote support guru Alvin C. on this one and have sent him a shedload of screenshots and documentation. They are aware of the issue, but did not mention an ETA for the fix. The best work-around I have found is to create a blank line before or after the image in the note, select the blank line (creating a blue, highlighted line), and choose "Convert note to PDF." This creates a resulting PDF without any "blemishes." You can also try right-clicking in the grey area/border around the note and choose "Convert note to PDF."
  2. Yes, it's a bug. I submitted a bug report ticket to EN and they acknowledged the bug and are working on a fix.
  3. This is also still a bug in 6.0.1: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/67606-blue-rectangle-when-converting-snapshot-note-to-pdf/ I'm filing another bug report.
  4. Found a bug in the first 10 seconds of using 6.0.1 for the Mac. Print a note, click cancel, note title is changed to "Untitled." Do you guys test your software? I will submit a formal bug report...maybe it's fixed in 6.0.2. Thanks, Ken
  5. I also find this annoying. In addition, the "print headers" options in Windows is more flexible than the Mac client, which provides check boxes for individual header details (i.e. title only).
  6. Done. I uploaded/attached my screenshot when submitting the bug report.
  7. Spaces (new lines) between paragraphs are inconsistent for the same note between the Mac and iOS clients. See attached screenshots. If I "correct" the problem in the Mac client and add a line to separate paragraphs, then TWO lines end up separating paragraphs in the note when viewed in the iOS client. Mac: 5.7.2 (451040 Direct) iOS: Thanks!
  8. Take a document snapshot with my iPhone Sync the note to the desktop Right-click on the image in the note and select "Convert note to PDF"Result: PDF note is successfully created, but the PDF has a thick, blue rectangle/border around the perimeter. What's up with that? I dragged the PDF out of Evernote and the blue rectangle remains. Version 5.6.0 (450741) Direct Thanks, Ken
  9. Why do some notes in presentation mode look like this? and others look like this:
  10. The font size in presentation mode is way too small. I would like to use my iPad in the kitchen to display recipes. I would use Evernote Food, but the fonts in that app are also very small and therefore makes the app unusable to me. Please consider enabling Dynamic Type built into iOS so that I can see my notes from a good distance on the kitchen counter.
  11. Thanks, Joe. I fixed the crashing after trying to sync with Evernote. I first dragged/copied all of my Skitch docs out of Skitch and onto my desktop. I then deleted all of my Skitch docs in Evernote since Skitch was crashing upon launch. Started with a clean slate. Uninstalled/reinstalled Skitch, logged into my Evernote account and I'm good to go. I have been using Skitch long before it was acquired by Evernote and it seems the "older" Skitch documents were the problem. I may try dragging my Skitch docs from the desktop back into my Skitch Evernote notebook and see what happens.
  12. I logged into my Evernote account in Skitch for Mac 2.7, it starts to sync my previous images, then crashes every time. Cannot reopen the program without it crashing again.
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