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  1. I was able to determine that part of my problem was related to secured PDFs. With an unsecured PDF, the preview window does not render the markings (besides the page thumbnails as I described earlier) but you can see them on the PDF in the actual note. Edit: I discovered I did not have the latest version. If you have an App Store-installed version of Evernote, you are not running the latest version. The App store version is 5.4.1 at this time and the latest is 5.4.2, in which this issue was fixed. Re-download Evernote from the evernote.com web site and that should fix the problem.
  2. I just discovered PDF markup in Evernote this morning and was quite excited to start using until I discovered one small issue... When i mark up a PDF, the marks I'm making are visible on the right side in the thumbnails of each PDF page but not on the full size pages themselves. I know they're saving and exist because the file size increases each time I mark it. Has anyone run into this before? I'm using Evernote 5.4.1 on OS X 10.9.
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