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  1. With all due respect, github is not blocking Clipper. Github is using the (relatively new) industry standard content security policy to prevent unauthorized code from executing on their website (think 3rd party cookie tracking, isp tracking, etc). They are an early adopter, but with the nature of security issues on the web, this is likely to expand. What is interesting is that the Safari version of web clipper uses a safari-extension://com.evernote... url to load it's user interface. Apparently, this is not necessary in chrome or firefox (or they would be "blocking", too). Best I can tell, the implementation approach for the extension on Safari is no longer workable. The question is whether apple should exempt safari-extension urls from the security policy or is evernote should find an implementation that doesn't inject a bunch of html into the page. Does Evernote have a plan for this? Or, are they working with Apple to resolve the situation?
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