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  1. I guess I could provide more info. The start up is what is annoying me. Search and note making seam fine. My Evernote app is 597mb, 297 notes. So, it's not too large. I looked at OneNote for iPad. It has more features for formatting, but has extensive start up time as well, and is 530mb before any notes are added. Just would like to be sure the increased processor speed of the Air will positively effect this app in iOS vs. iPad 2.
  2. Well, i'm assuming that, with a faster processor, everything is faster in the new ipad and iphone.
  3. I'm using Evernote on my iPad 2. Looking for a reason to upgrade to the new iPad Air, other than resolution. I thought I would read here that Evernote would run faster on the Air. What I'm reading doesn't give encouragement. Does anyone have any experience that the Air will be faster?
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