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  1. Thank you for your reply! You are definitely right, there is no "All Notes" in the left-hand side bar display. I actually meant "Notes". Since I deleted it, I forgot that it was labeled Notes, not All Notes. In my version [i believe is the latest] for the Android version of Evernote, As an example, I can right click on: Notebooks, and have a choice of: "Create Notebooks", "Export Notebooks" and lastly, "Remove from sidebar". This is where I got myself in trouble in removing the Notes, which allowed me to "Remove from sidebar" After a week or so after I started to use Evernote, I made an **INBOX** on the left panel to capture all new notes. Now, when I highlight **INBOX**, it shows 34 Notes. Since I removed the "Notes", the following numbers appears on the extreme lower left under the left hand display," Notes: 34 of 53". The **INBOX** has 34 Notes, I believe the Notes contain 53, I''d like to get all 53 Notes back, along with the Notes heading. Klutz that I am, while trying to see if I could duplicate "Remove from sidebar" in Short Cuts in the sidebar, I accidentally removed the Short Cuts heading also. This is not a nice way to start off! I love Evernote and am anxious to use it in my life, if only I can stop erasing important headings !! Any help would be appreciated to assist me in reinstating "Notes" and "Shortcuts in the left panel. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I'm a newbie and unfortunately erased "All Notes" from the sidebar. How do i reactivate "All Notes" into the side bar? Any help is appreciated. Thank you. Paul
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