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  1. Evernote doesn't usually give out timeframes for feature releases (or even the prospects of particular features). But check in every week around this time; you never know!! Consider me in agreement. I am a paying customer and locations are useless to me and are thankfully more easily ignored than reminders. On the other hand are reminders. Reminders are an annoying pain to me. I never set them intentionally, but they get set when I use the web clipper. This is in spite of the fact that I have every check box associated with reminders unchecked. When I go to my desktop client, I have multiple - around 2 dozen - reminders that I have to clear one note at a time. This is a frustrating waste of my time. I would love the ability to completely turn off reminder functionality in my account. I don't want to see reminders associated with any of my notes ever.
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