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  1. that is just the end of my post. It is just to clarify that when I get a new phone, it's important to manually set notes to offline that my settings doesn't automatically follow from old to new phone. The purpose of the whole post was to clarify to anyone currently that has the OP's problem or question that there is now a Plus mode.
  2. Since this is an older thread, I found that they've changed the options for membership: there are now three: Free, Plus, and Premium. on my Android phone I use the Plus level and am able to set all my notes to offline. But I do know that if I didn't have Plus I would NOT be able to access my notes when away from wifi. PERHAPS Unless I have mobil data turned on and have internet access where I am. This would notch up my data usage a LOT however. I have it set to only sync when wifi is available. I had to reset all my notes to OFFLINE access, with every new phone I got.
  3. also, we need either the Plus or Premium before the ability to Allow offline access, is available. free version does not offer that option. Turns out I have the Plus upgrade.
  4. thanks! and I found the answer, seems it's different on different versions of android (I have the latest): On my phone, z5 Sony premium: mine is like this: answer: click upper left icon looks like 3 lines, click Notebooks; shows all notebooks, some have lots of notes. (mine is: 16, 697, etc); to the right of these, there are 3 vertical dots, click on that for each set of notes; NOTEBOOKS OPTIONS comes up listing 6 choices, 2nd one down is Make available offline. it then downloads the files.
  5. Okay, I found out I AM logged in, but still can't find where to activate "offline access" on the android. still looking but could use help...
  6. Thanks, didn't know that. and, where do I log in? I have a mac, do I log in on evernote on the mac? or if not where and how?
  7. This is similar but different than my problem: I had to reset my android phone, and I have paid for Premium Evernote, with a lot of time still remaining. but I can't figure out how to log into premium on the reset phone, since it only offers and wants me to upgrade to premium for the features I was using. Can't find where to do that here at this site, or in Evernote. anyone know??? thanks
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