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  1. I did some more testing and the wrist rejection is greatly improved in the latest version. However, it still has some inadvertent marks from my hand. Noteshelf is still better. The disappearing strokes problem seems to be eliminated. I'll need some more time to tell for sure. Now if we could get rid of the clicking & clacking of the Jot Script.
  2. I my quick test the update does seem to work better. I'll give it a good go tonight and report back.
  3. I don't have a screen protector. I actually find that my old Bamboo stylus works better than the Jot Script. I have much better wrist rejection and fewer dropped strokes with the old stylus. Though it's supposed to do the opposite, it appears that the Jot Script degrades wrist rejection and accuracy.
  4. Same problem for me. I got my Jot Script today and have been severely disappointed. My text keeps disappearing (seems like every a, o, e, & g that I write disappears). The stylus becomes unresponsive and my hand makes marks all over the page. It's shameful that third party note taking apps work better with the Evernote branded Jot Script than their own.
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