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  1. Ok thanks so much for all this help. I guess I'm now looking at either iPad (still not sure I'll stretch to that as don't think I'll use it enough) or the new google nexus 10. That was a good point about the nexus 7 feeling more like a smartphone - I can see how that would happen and as I'm an image more than document user of evernote, landscape would be better. So I don't think anyone's mentioned that there are limitations with easy web clipping with the nexus. I hope it'll clip from chrome the same way that it works on a desktop. Thanks again everyone.
  2. Ahh thanks so much. That's really helpful. Ok. Will look down the back of the sofa for any extra cash.
  3. Hey thanks for all the feedback. I just had a look at the iPad air feeling like I could maybe bite the bullet on the price tag but I think as evernote is really my main reason for getting the tablet, I just can't justify that extra cost. I don't know anything about androids but I'm a pc user so far from a mac purist. But am I right in thinking there's a suggestion of bugs and difficult web clipping with non-iPads (scuse the non-techy language)...
  4. Thanks both - so I know what to avoid! That's really bad luck for Nook users.
  5. Hi, I'm looking to buy a tablet specifically for using evernote. I'm an architect and find web clipping images from websites really useful. So I need a tablet that clips/tags easily from the web and lets me look through my notes easily. I have evernote on my iPhone and it doesn't clip and is too small. I'm so confused as to whether iPad mini or google nexus etc is best. Any advice hugely appreciated! Thanks
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