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  1. Same problem. I'm a paying EN user and Tech Support was of no help. I installed and reinstalled several times, but it's simply unusable on my iPhone 5 w. 7.0.3, just like it was with 7.0.2. I've loved the app and used it daily, 80% of my use on the iPhone. No more. Now I use Notebooks -- killer app, does it all, syncs with Dropbox -- and am considering OneNote. I never had a problem with UI changes -- but realiability is the sine qua non of *any* app, and EN is now flat-out unusable on the iPhone. I still use the Web version occasionally on my PC, but all the fun's gone out of it. For most of us, it's the iPhone that sees the heaviest use. Man, I can't believe how the company could let something like this happen *and not make a major statement acknowledging the problem.* It's insane. Severely disappointed with and pissed at Evernote.
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