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  1. Are you really using the Windows client? That you downloaded & installed? Or are you using the web client, where you access your Evernote account from a browser? Ok I got the problem solved. THank You !
  2. I've tried the Evernote app in Windows 8 version. I still can't find a way to encrypt it. When I mark the text, and right-click on it, it only gave me 2 options (Cut, Copy). I didn't see anything else. Could anyone tell me how?
  3. I have read from forum and tutorial about encrypting a text in evernote. However, the "Encrypt selected text" doesn't show up in my Evernote (in Google Chrome). I'm using Windows 8.1 and most of my note were created from iPhone 4S. Any body know why it doesn't let me encrypt the text? Thanks
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