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  1. Thanks for your follow up. That's the problem, I sometimes have hundreds of notebooks, and it's a lot harder to scroll than it is to type
  2. I have been using the Web Clipper on a Windows 7 PC with Chrome and Gmail for years. In the past two years, the following features have ceased to work: 1) Formatting 2) Clipping many emails (the clipper gets slower and slower each time I clip an email) 3) Can't clip an email after pressing the "View sent message" button 4) Shortcut keys no longer work I have posted topics about these issues, but never had a response. And now, with this newest version, I can no longer select a notebook by clicking the notebook drop-down and start typing the name of the notebook. Now
  3. Non-empty notebooks are never removed. It is only happening with brand new notebooks.
  4. Yes, the notebooks are empty when they are removed. If I re-add them to the stack, then they remain.
  5. I'm currently at 87 notebooks. I don't think I've ever exceeded 120. To be clear, the notebook doesn't disappear when I sync, it is just removed from the stack.
  6. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I also use Evernote on an Android phone. Changes are otherwise syncing normally. I am able to add a notebook to a stack from evernote.com. I am not using any special characters in my notebook names. My notebook names are first and last names of clients, for example, "John Doe".
  7. For the past few weeks I've been having a problem with new notebooks. I am using Evernote on Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601. I right-click on a stack and select "Create Notebook in 'Stack.'" I then create a new notebook, and it appears in that stack. However, when Evernote syncs, the notebook is removed from the stack. This is happening every time.
  8. I'm still having the same problem I posted about originally. Haven't heard anything back.
  9. I have been using the Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome to clip emails from Gmail for several years. I have a feature request. When I clip a Gmail thread that has several replies, the clipped email becomes unwieldy because the Web Clipper expands the "trimmed content" in each email before clipping. I would like the Web Clipper to be able to clip the email thread without expanding the trimmed content. In other words, each time a person replies to an email thread, all of the previous replies to the thread are copied at the bottom of the new reply. Because this becomes unworkable in le
  10. I am using Web Clipper 6.10.2 with Chrome 55.0.2883.87 m in Windows 7 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601. Web Clipper gets slower each time I clip from Gmail. Eventually, after a lot of emails, the Clipper gets slow enough that Chrome starts to ask me if I want to wait for the program to respond. The increase in the delay seems to be linear with the number of emails I have clipped. Shutting down Chrome completely and restarting resets the delay. I assume it's some kind of memory leak?
  11. I have worked in software development myself, and I know how hard it can be. With an option to turn it off, no harm done. I'm sure some people will like it.
  12. My bad, platform is Windows 7. That option is not present, and the latest update changed the background in the left panel to a dark navy blue.
  13. Any particular reason for the color change in the left panel? The contrast is hurting my eyes, and I can't find any place where I can change it.
  14. I still have most of these problems. Clipped sent emails are empty and titled "Undefined" if they are accessed via the "View Message" link that appears at the top of the page in Gmail when an email is sent. All context disappears from email titles a couple of seconds after activating the clipper. The formatting of clipped emails from Gmail appears to have been restored. Anything being done about these other problems? I have tried all possible layouts, have deactivated all other Chrome extensions, etc.
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