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  1. Notespark announced this week that they are discontinuing their simple note product. If you export all of your Notespark notes into a zipped file, they are TXT extensions. Evernote support provided me with a couple of older links on how to import those files into Evernote, but the choices weren't easy. Plus, I'm on a PC, not MAC. I thought I'd end up having to hire someone to help me or email all 1,100 Notespark notes to my Evernote account, but thankfully, by accident, I found a solution. I use "XPlorer2" as my file manager on my computer. Also had the Windows version of Evernote on my PC. 1. Exported all Notespark 1,100 notes to Zipped file; extracted zipped file (within folders) to new destination on computer 2. Using XPlorer2 (maybe My Computer will work, not sure), highlighed TXT files, folder by folder. 3. Right clicked mouse with files selected, and there was a "Send To" option, and Evernote was an option 4. My notes imported nicely into Evernote - then I tagged each group of notes by the folder name I'm sure there are more sophisticated ways to transfer TXTs to Evernote, but this worked for me.
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