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  1. Agreed on all accounts! On the surface the feature sounds great but I'll stick to the scan locally, rename and probably make use of the Import Folders option to push to Evernote. Thanks all!
  2. Thank you for clarifying and providing some excellent suggestions! Thank you GrumpyMonkey! One more point of clarification please. Let's say I add one new PDF to an existing note that already contains 10 PDF's. When the note is sync'd does the upload usage consist of ONLY the delta (the single new PDF) or to I incur the cost of uploading an updated note with 11 PDF files?
  3. I'm new to Evernote so please correct me if I am wrong. While scanning documents directly to Evernote is very convenient does it not contribute to an increase in upload usage? Here's a sample use case: I scan a pile of documents directly into Evernote. For simplicity sake let's say Evernote creates a single Note with the scanned documents in a single .pdf. This will count as 1 upload (let's say 100MB - it's a large document!). Once my scanned document is in Evernote I would typically want to re-name the title of the newly created note. Doesn't the simple act of renaming the note force an additional sync thus doubling my upload usage to 200MB? If the above is true then I'm curious to know if there are any work-around's. Could I work offline to do all my scanning and renaming and only go-online & sync once I am satisfied? Given that Evernote retains a history of edits for a given note I wonder if this work-around would work... or if Evernote would still send two versions of the Note to account for the history meaning we are still uploading 2 x 100MB Notes. Interested to hear what others experience with this is. Thanks!
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