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  1. Same here. Stylus arrived this afternoon, and Penultimate is a dismal failure. Horrendously buggy and laggy. I downloaded the program "Ink" and have found the palm rejection to be much, much better. It still have the problem that the stylus tip is way too springy. It stays in contact and writing for too long - I get tails on my letters frequently. The demo video says you don't have to turn it off. That's technically true. It turns itself off so quickly you might not get to the power switch before it's turned off. (Ok, slight exaggeration. But it turns off way too quickly IMHO)
  2. Thanks for the answer, this is what I needed to know, makes my evaluation nice and short. A service that can't run in a browser and requires a native app isn't very interesting to me. it shouldn't be that hard to write an actual browser app version given that all browsers now support HTML5. In my experience, *many* rich text editor systems work really poorly on iOS browsers. It would be nice if it wasn't that hard to write an HTML5 app that works everywhere, but the more features you put into it the more work you need to put in to making it work everywhere. Evernote doesn't seem to put a lot of effort into the browser editor on iOS because iPhones and iPads are generally not shared devices that you just walk up to and use. They have native clients that work well. The web interface is intended for desktop users on shared machines. Personally, what I want is a web interface on a desktop browser and a native app on iOS. I've almost never been happy with fancy HTML5 interactive apps on iOS.
  3. I've gotten video of disappearing letters even with my hand in continuous contact with the tablet surface - so it's not merely a problem with concurrent pen and finger contact. I just wrote a line where ~1/5 of the letters disappeared after I wrote them!
  4. Just got my Jot Script. Thanks! I've noticed three issues: 1. The tip is fairly noisy. 2. The springiness of the tip means that I tend to have tails off the end of my letters 3. Sometimes, letters that I've written disappear after I write them. I've attached a video here. I drew an h three times in a row. First two times it vanished. (Sorry for the fuzziness, I didn't realize how out of focus it was.) I'm running the most recent version of Penultimate. My suspicion is that this is a software bug. Any thoughts? PenProblemSmall.mov
  5. Oops. Luckily for me, pressure sensitivity wasn't a feature I cared about. Given the Bluetooth link, I just assumed it would have pressure sensitivity.
  6. Interesting. So, it looks like there's a little bit of lag with the BT connection. To maximize the responsiveness to handwriting, it interprets a touch as drawing, but if it doesn't get a pressure reading from the stylus within the estimated max latency, it retroactively removes the drawing and reinterprets it as a gesture. Does it do the same thing with pressure sensitivity readings? If the pressure readings were time stamped, then you could retroactively get extremely high resolution pressure / position tuples by using the start time of the stroke as the time sync. Do you know if the stylus and app do that? How well does it handle nearly concurrent stylus and finger contact? The only way I could see differentiating the two would be based on stroke length. If I touch the pen and my finger for 1 second at the same tine, you won't know which is which. But if my finger touches for 2s and the stylus touches for 1s, then I can figure out 1s in to the two strokes that the stroke that just ended was a pen stroke because the pen will report that the tip had contact for 1s. At that point, the app could discard the ongoing finger stroke. I'm gonna have to play with mine when I get it to see how well it handles these edge cases.
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