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  1. Seems to be fixed now. It's showing version: 8.9 on my Samsung. I'm still really unhappy with the entire way this was handled. No one from Evernote responded here to acknowledge the problem, to let us know if it was actually being addressed, or that it was fixed. Even with the bug report I submitted, their response was lacking. After I submitted it, I got a response saying it was being worked on. And then the support request was closed! (I was never asked if I had anything more to say or wanted more info.) I asked that it be re-opened until it was actually fixed, and they
  2. I submitted a bug report for this a few days ago. I'm frankly shocked that there has not been any official Evernote response here. This lack of transparency and communication is really inexcusable. It shows a profound lack of interest in customers.
  3. No, it's the current public version. I installed the current version from Google Play. There's no indication anywhere that it's a beta. (And Evernote is working on this bug - so whatever version it's in, it needs to be fixed.)
  4. Same issue here. Never used dark mode on my Samsung Galaxy S7; just suddenly happened. (Smells like background color is not being properly set and perhaps assumed the default from the dark mode theme.) Evernote v. 8.9 Android v. 8.0.0. Been using Evernote desktop since at least 2012. I understand the difficulties in dealing with multiple platforms, but this is still very disappointing. I'll backup and reinstall and see. --- Reinstalled but the problem is still there. ☹
  5. I started having this issue recently, too. First it was 'just' that the tray icon was blank until I manually started Evernote. Today I now get the error message when Evernote tries to start ("Could not add tray icon, error: An attempt was made to reference a token that does not exist.."). was Windows 7 Pro v6.1 Evernote v. Am going to submit a bug report I know there may be reports already submitted, but just to make sure EN folks know it's still a problem. argh.
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